Episode 23: John Carpenter Part 1

BadAssDigest.com contributor Phil Nobile Jr joins us to discuss the great John Carpenter.  Phil has written and directed a Biography Channel Special, HALLOWEEN: THE INSIDE STORY, in which he interviewed all who was involved with the 1978 slasher classic!  We creep into an in-depth discussion on the renowned HALLOWEEN as well as the early 80s post-apocalyptic success, ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK.  In addition, Phil reviews the latest Criterion release of ISLAND OF LOST SOULS, Jim talks about one of his favorite movies SYNECDOCHE NEW YORK, and Patrick recently watched CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND.  We elaborate more on a couple other Carpenter films as well but he’s a director we plan to revisit again next year with different guests!  Be sure to check out Phil’s excellent documentary which is available for online streaming at the BIO Channel website:  http://www.biography.com/tv/inside-story/episodes/halloween

Episode 22: Errol Morris

Film Junk Podcast co-host and filmmaker Jay Cheel joins us for an in-depth discussion on the remarkable and innovative documentarian Errol Morris.  We first interview Jay about his excellent feature-length documentary debut, BEAUTY DAY.  In addition, we forgo the What We Watched segment to discuss the documentary genre as a whole and rundown a list of favorites.  The main focus of the show is dedicated to Errol Morris’ low-key debut GATES OF HEAVEN as well as his more stylish take on eccentric obsessives with FAST CHEAP & OUT OF CONTROL.  We elaborate more on a few other Morris films as well.  Be sure to visit Jay’s excellent website that covers this genre in its entirety, over at The Documentary Blog.

Episode 21: The Wachowski's

CHUD.com’s contributing editor Renn Brown joins us to discuss the innovative filmmaking team, The Wachowskis formerly known as The Wachowski Brothers. We talk about their breakthrough science fiction action classic from 1999, THE MATRIX, as well as their box office bomb, SPEED RACER.  We dissect their work at length as always, and each of us choose another film from their resume to discuss as well.  During the what we watched segment, Renn reviews MONEYBALL, Jim reviews CONTAGION, and Patrick reviews DRIVE.

Episode 19: Christopher Nolan

Our guest film critic, Erik Childress of Efilmcritic.com is a huge fan of Christopher Nolan. He put one of Nolan’s films on his list of the best films of the decade and we were more than curious to hear an interesting perspective on a such an innovative director. We mainly look at Nolan’s most acclaimed film, MEMENTO, then discuss a film that seemed to be less acclaimed at the time, THE PRESTIGE. We dissect both at length, and each choose one other film from his filmography to talk about further. During the what we watched segment, Erik reviews WARRIOR, Jim reviews FRIGHT NIGHT, and Patrick reviews CAPTAIN AMERICA. We also announce the winner of the Amazon Gift Card contest! Be warned, we spoil EVERY Christopher Nolan movie.

Episode 18: Brian DePalma

For the first time ever, we welcome two guests for a point/counter-point discussion on a very divisive filmmaker.  This whole new format quite possibly turned out to be our best show yet with lots of hilarity and violent screams of fury!  Some love Brian De Palma as a remarkable visual artist and cite him as a member of the New Hollywood group of filmmakers, while others despise him for being derivative and lazy with the storytelling process.  We wanted to explore both sides.

Our guests, Peter Sobczynski of Efilmcritic.com is on the plus side, whereas Matt Gamble of WhereTheLongTailEnds.com is on the negative side.  We mainly look at his earliest and most acclaimed film, BLOW-OUT, then talk about a rather goofy noir from the latter part of his career, FEMME FATALE.  Collectively, we all have very different takes on De Palma and it makes for a really tense and enlightening analysis especially as we obsess over his filmography.  During the what we watched segment, we also have a heated debate on THE TREE OF LIFE, and our guests talk about two new movies coming out within the next month or so, that we’re both really excited to see.  Let us know if you enjoyed this new format so that we consider this approach again for future episodes.  And please be sure to enter our $30 Amazon Gift Card contest.

Episode 10: Sam Raimi

No guest this week, but in honor of Jim’s birthday, we cover his all-time favorite director, horror film-pioneer Sam Raimi.  In addition to talking about the movies we watched this week and reading an email from a listener, we swallow and digest a good majority of Raimi’s filmography, including a couple of his lesser-successes over the years.  We focus on EVIL DEAD 2 and share a mutual affinity for THE QUICK AND THE DEAD

Episode 9: David Gordon Green

We welcome independent filmmaker Collin Souter of Efilmcritic.com (who also makes a regular appearance reviewing movies on Nick Digilio’s radio show on WGN).  Our director for this episode is the young, incredibly esoteric David Gordon Green.  In addition to talking about the movies we watched this week and reading a suggestion from a listener, we explore the most acclaimed of DGG’s filmography, which also happens to be his earliest work.  We focus on GEORGE WASHINGTON and have a heated debate with ALL THE REAL GIRLS.  In addition, we try to rationalize DGG’s choice to direct YOUR HIGHNESS as well.  

Bonus Episode: Laura Dern & Top 5 Favorite Actresses

Bonus Episode: Laura Dern & Top 5 Favorite Actresses

Our first edition of Actor's Club!  For this bonus episode, I enlisted the help of returning guest and friend to the show, Bill Ackerman.  Together we focus on our favorite actresses for the first half, then for the second half, we examine the versatile career of Laura Dern.  Movies mentioned include SMOOTH TALK, RAMBLING ROSE, CITIZEN RUTH, INLAND EMPIRE, and a whole lot more!  We also touch upon her incredible work in the HBO show ENLIGHTENED.  Stay tuned for another episode like this come summertime, featuring Patrick talking about a favorite actor of his. Thank you so much for listening