Episode 18: Brian DePalma


For the first time ever, we welcome two guests for a point/counter-point discussion on a very divisive filmmaker.  This whole new format quite possibly turned out to be our best show yet with lots of hilarity and violent screams of fury!  Some love Brian De Palma as a remarkable visual artist and cite him as a member of the New Hollywood group of filmmakers, while others despise him for being derivative and lazy with the storytelling process.  We wanted to explore both sides.

Our guests, Peter Sobczynski of Efilmcritic.com is on the plus side, whereas Matt Gamble of WhereTheLongTailEnds.com is on the negative side.  We mainly look at his earliest and most acclaimed film, BLOW-OUT, then talk about a rather goofy noir from the latter part of his career, FEMME FATALE.  Collectively, we all have very different takes on De Palma and it makes for a really tense and enlightening analysis especially as we obsess over his filmography.  During the what we watched segment, we also have a heated debate on THE TREE OF LIFE, and our guests talk about two new movies coming out within the next month or so, that we’re both really excited to see.  Let us know if you enjoyed this new format so that we consider this approach again for future episodes.