Episode 23: John Carpenter Part 1

BadAssDigest.com contributor Phil Nobile Jr joins us to discuss the great John Carpenter.  Phil has written and directed a Biography Channel Special, HALLOWEEN: THE INSIDE STORY, in which he interviewed all who was involved with the 1978 slasher classic!  We creep into an in-depth discussion on the renowned HALLOWEEN as well as the early 80s post-apocalyptic success, ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK.  In addition, Phil reviews the latest Criterion release of ISLAND OF LOST SOULS, Jim talks about one of his favorite movies SYNECDOCHE NEW YORK, and Patrick recently watched CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND.  We elaborate more on a couple other Carpenter films as well but he’s a director we plan to revisit again next year with different guests!  Be sure to check out Phil’s excellent documentary which is available for online streaming at the BIO Channel website:  http://www.biography.com/tv/inside-story/episodes/halloween