Episode 25: Steven Soderbergh

RowThree.com writer and Cinecast co-host Andrew James returns to the show to discuss the very prolific Steven Soderbergh.  We parse two of his most acclaimed films for this first look into what makes Soderbergh more than just a "dabbler" whose filmography happens to be all over the map, mostly for better than for worse.  The three of us discuss his Palme D'Or Winning debut, SEX LIES & VIDEOTAPE as well as his 2nd film in the year 2000, TRAFFIC, which lead to Soderbergh's first Academy Award for Best Director.  In addition, Andrews reviews MY WEEK WITH MARILYN, Jim proclaims his adoration for MELANCHOLIA, while Patrick defends and stands by his praise for MARTHA MARCY MAY MARLENE.  Things get a bit heated for the first time in a long time, since everyone had different reactions to two interesting films about mental illness.  We elaborate a bit more on a couple other Soderbergh films after the two main reviews, but expect us to return to this man's work for a 2nd look possibly sometime late next year. 

About ten days before Christmas, our third returning guest, Kurt Halfyard of RowThree.com and TwitchFilm joins us to talk about a filmmaker that Patrick might very well despise although he's only seen one film (a film that Jim happens to love).  The incredibly quirky Hal Hartley will be looked at, and although he's not a filmmaker everyone knows about, much is to be said about his love-it-or-hate-it style. Until next time, please send us your suggestions as well as any comments about Argento or any director we’ve discussed or will discuss on a future episode.