Episode 33: Michael Mann

We return to our original format with a third appearance from previous guest Brendan Leonard, covering the great crime thriller director Michael Mann. We focus on the 1995 classic HEAT as well as the critically-acclaimed follow-up THE INSIDER and then touch upon a couple other films from both earlier in his career and recently.  Brendan also talks about THE RIGHT STUFF which he recently saw on the big screen, while I proclaim my affinity for INTRUDER, and Patrick wraps things up with a discussion about the original KING KONG.  Brendan ducks out an hour early in this episode due to technical difficulties, but don't fret, you get to hear us conclude the conversation over Skype and once again, get into an argument about HOUSE OF THE DEVIL.  In two weeks we will be talking about another beloved auteur David Fincher with returning guest Renn Brown of CHUD.com.