Episode 40: Noah Baumbach

Jim and Patrick reunite alongside guest and friend to the show Dan Solomon, a journalist that has written for a wide variety of news outlets including Austin Chronicle, Texas Observer, and Culture Map.  We decide to talk about a filmmaker whose main strengths rely on screenwriting and characterization for this episode.  Noah Baumbach first came onto the scene in the mid 90s with the cult Gen-X classic KICKING AND SCREAMING.  Then we elaborate more on his even bigger success a decade later with the divorce dramedy THE SQUID AND THE WHALE.  In addition, Jim revisits the incredibly overlooked Billy Wilder satire ACE IN THE HOLE, Dan reviews the highly acclaimed documentary THE IMPOSTER, and Patrick addresses some questions we got from a listener that makes for some fun discussion!

In about ten days, we will be joined once again by Phil Noble Jr, to discuss the great William Friedkin! Please be sure to leave us a voicemail to play on the show at 224-366-9528. If you’re a movie blogger/podcaster and would like a guest spot on the show to talk about a filmmaker whose work you admire. Thanks again for listening and be sure to check out our updated upcoming schedule in the sidebar to see which directors we’ll be talking about soon! Questions are always welcome via email: directorsclubpodcast@gmail.com