Episode 49: Buster Keaton

No guest joins us this week so we go back to the way we started, which is appropriate since we will be celebrating our 2-year anniversary with Episode 50 next week!  For this episode, we tumble into the silent film era to discuss comedy legend Buster Keaton.  We touch upon his large body of work including many of his short films, but we mainly focus on the romantic comedy SEVEN CHANCES as well as the beloved action-packed classic THE GENERAL.  In addition, Jim slows things down with a trek through THE LONELIEST PLANET while Patrick revisits a couple of Tarantino films as well as reviews the new musical adaptation of LES MISERABLES.  As we mention at the top of the show, we would love to be flooded with emails and voicemails for next week with your top ten films of 2012 for us to read on the show!  

Next weekend you will be treated to our epic anniversary show as well as the revealing of our Top Ten Favorite Films of 2012!  Please be sure to leave us a voicemail with your list to play on the show as well at 224-366-9528. If you’re a movie blogger/podcaster and would like a guest spot on the show to talk about a filmmaker whose work you admire. Thanks again for listening and be sure to check out our updated upcoming schedule in the sidebar to see which directors we’ll be talking about soon!  Happy New Year everyone!  Questions, comments and top ten lists are always welcome via email: directorsclubpodcast@gmail.com