Episode 53: John Cassavetes


Film Jive co-host Zach Betonte joins us to talk about the remarkably influential independent filmmaker John Cassavetes.  We discuss his most critically lauded film, A WOMAN UNDER THE INFLUENCE, as well as his foray into the Mafia crime genre, THE KILLING OF A CHINESE BOOKIE.  In addition, Zach revisits THE ROAD WARRIOR, Jim discusses STOKER, and PATRICK talks about his love of horror fan fiction and Troma films.

0:00 – 8:32 – Introduction / In-house business
8:33 – 9:02 – What We Watched This Week Song
9:03 – 19:50 – What Zach Watched This Week
19:51 – 29:29 – What Jim Watched This Week
29:30 – 47:13 – What Patrick Watched This Week
47:14 – 48:44 – John Cassavetes Song
48:45 – 50:49 – Director Introduction
50:50 – 1:25:30 – A Woman Under The Influence Review
1:25:31 – 1:49:30 – The Killing Of A Chinese Bookie Review
1:49:31 – 2:08:43 – Other Cassavetes Movies We Love
2:08:44 – 2:15:33 –  Top 3 Cassavetes Films / Outro

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