Episode 54: Claire Denis


No guest this week which means we are back to our old ways. For this episode, we focus on French filmmaker Claire Denis, chosen mostly due to Patrick's love of the film WHITE MATERIAL when he first saw it.  We first review the understated and critically acclaimed 35 SHOTS OF RUM, in addition to a couple more of her films.  For what we watched, I checked out the Mamet-directed HBO film PHIL SPECTOR, while Patrick revisits the JACKASS trilogy and legacy!

In two weeks, Cinecast's own Kurt Halfyard returns once again to talk about Michael Haneke.  Please be sure to leave us a voicemail with your list to play on the show as well at 224-366-9528. If you’re a movie blogger/podcaster and would like a guest spot on the show to talk about a filmmaker whose work you admire. Thanks again for listening and be sure to check out our updated upcoming schedule in the sidebar to see which directors we’ll be talking about soon! Questions, comments and top ten lists are always welcome via email: directorsclubpodcast@gmail.com