Bonus Episode: Laura Dern & Top 5 Favorite Actresses

Our first edition of Actor's Club!  For this bonus episode, I enlisted the help of returning guest and friend to the show, Bill Ackerman.  Together we focus on our favorite actresses for the first half, then for the second half, we examine the versatile career of Laura Dern.  Movies mentioned include SMOOTH TALK, RAMBLING ROSE, CITIZEN RUTH, INLAND EMPIRE, and a whole lot more!  We also touch upon her incredible work in the HBO show ENLIGHTENED.  Stay tuned for another episode like this come summertime, featuring Patrick talking about a favorite actor of his. Thank you so much for listening - Jim

00:00 - 06:09 - Intro
06:10 - 51:14 - Top 5 Favorite Actresses (w/Honorable Mentions)
51:15 - 54:19 - Laura Dern Clip + "Professionals" by The Fabulous Stains!
54:20 - 1:50:49 - Laura Dern Discussion
1:50:50 - 2:03:40 - Top 3 Performances / Outro

P.SMy voice might sound a little echoey at times but that's mostly Skype's fault.  I assure you that it's tolerable for pretty much the whole way through.   Also Patrick mentioned to me after we recorded that Laura Dern is really great in the movie YEAR OF THE DOG, which for some reason, did not come up in my discussion with Bill.  Oops!  You should totally watch that movie because it's great and was written by Mike White, who went on to do incredible work with Laura on ENLIGHTENED.