Bonus Episode: 1985 & Back To The Future


1985 celebrates my 30th anniversary as a movie freak.  BACK TO THE FUTURE was the movie I saw when I was seven years old that pretty much changed my life forever.  It got me hooked on going to the movies and seeing as many movies as I could. In honor of its release in July of 1985, I enlisted the help of two Chicago critics and friends Erik Childress and Collin Souter to not only talk about their earliest memories of seeing BACK TO THE FUTURE, but to look back at the year 1985 since it was pretty significant for all of us.  We pick our favorites from that year of course.

Many, many other titles come up throughout the discussion including THE GOONIES, REAL GENIUS, PEE WEE'S BIG ADVENTURE, RE-ANIMATOR, THE PURPLE ROSE OF CAIRO, AFTER HOURS, BRAZIL, RAMBO: FIRST BLOOD PART TWO, and a whole slew of forgotten gems that you have got to hear about including a rundown of releases later in the show that made us cringe.  Since BTTF was such a special movie moment in my life, I thought it would be apt to put out this bonus episode.  Many thanks to Erik and Collin for yet another joyful conversation and to the listeners who continue to support my love of film - Jim