Bonus Episode: 1986 Review - The Year In Movies

We did it all for the glory of love. Ladies and gentlemen, let's go back thirty years to when I fell in love with going to the movies.  The mid-80s informed a lot of my taste, and much like last year's 1985 retrospective, it's always a blast to go back and see what holds up and what we each consider to be personal favorites from a particular year.'s very own Erik Childress and Collin Souter return for what is to become a yearly tradition. We go through the entire year chronologically covering titles that range from BLUE VELVET to PLATOON and everything in between (ALIENS, PRETTY IN PINK and so much more).  Yes, some big titles come up, but have no fear, we talk SOLARBABIES and SOUL MAN.  Some debates come up, but for the most part, it's a friendly 3-hour conversation between 3 die-hard movie fans that enjoy sharing memories, insights and reviews.  We hope you each the conversation, and yes, we did feel the need for speed.  You can follow the list from 1986 that we cover here:

00:00 - 11:43 - Introduction / General Thoughts on 1986
11:44 - 20:29 - Brief BLUE VELVET discussion
20:30 - 47:39 - January - February
47:40 - 01:22:05 - March - May
01:22:06 - 01:22:40 - COBRA soundtrack sample
01:22:41 - 02:01:41 -  June - Mid-August
02:01:42 - 02:27:51 -  Late-August - October
02:27:52 - 02:50:00 -  November, December, Top Box Office
02:50:01 - 03:00:30 - Top Ten of 1986 / Outro

This next week you will be treated to a barrage of episodes. Well, okay two more director episodes will be coming soon. They may be on the short side, but get ready for a director I wasn't familiar with that truly blew me away - Agnes Varda, featuring guest Kate Blair.  And Nick Digilio of WGN Radio returns to talk about the post-GOODFELLAS career of Martin Scorsese.  July is a hot podcasting month, and just as a heads up, I might take another vacation in September.  But have no fear, visit for a plethora of podcasts that I know you'll enjoy including the newly released Tracks of the Damned and Fresh Perspective!