Bonus Episode: 1988 Year In Review Part Two


Welcome to the exciting conclusion!  The Director's Club / Voices & Visions crossover continues once again! Last year around this time, it was so warm outside, we opened the windows. This time, it was cold & snowy (hence the sound of the heater throughout).  But have no fear!  Your loyal Chicago film critics are here to carry on the tradition of going back 30 years to cover a year in film that they all grew up with.  Starting from about 1985, our hosts became film fanatics with different tastes, but similar memories of videostores, working at movie theaters, and watching many R-rated titles at a young age.  

This special 2-part bonus episode will continue every February, for every year.  For 2018 of course, we travel back to 1988 and relive the entire year.  Just about every weekend of releases are mentioned from classics like WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT to obscure discoveries like BAGDAD CAFE.  How much will Jim & Erik argue the merits of certain horror movie sequels?  Does either David Byrne or Bono come up courtesy of superfan Collin?   You'll have to listen to the 4 and a half hours of conversation to find out.