Episode 100: Favorite Films Of 2015 (Part Two)

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Episode 100 - Favorite Films of 2015 (Part Two)

Part Two of Three.  So this is it. Episode 100. Best Of 2015. We went so long, it had to be divided into three, yes, three parts.  Part One is a general conversation about 2015, including our awards, honorable mentions and more!  Part Two is our Top Ten Films Of 2015.  Part Three is a retrospective interview / conversation about the past five years.  The first eight minutes is me rambling about how much I love and appreciate you for continuing to listen and support Director's Club. It means the world to me.  Hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed discussing the year 2015 with two wonderful friends, Patrick Ripoll and Bill Ackerman.  PART 3: THE INTERVIEW will be posted sometime over the weekend.  And in case you're curious, here are all the 2015 films that I saw, ranked.

And here are Patrick's 2015 movies ranked.

Part Two: Top Ten Favorite Films Of 2015
00:00 - 01:20 -  The Duke Of Burgundy Score
01:21 - 01:20:27 -   Top Ten Favorite Films (10 - 6)
01:20:28 - 01:20:55 - Sicario Score Snippet
01:20:56 - 02:38:26 - Top Ten Favorite Films (6 - 2)
02:38:27 -  03:02:12 - Surprise Guest Email / Our Favorite Film Of 2015