Episode 142: 2017 Year In Review Part Two

Part Two!  The fun continues.  Together again. Gee, it's good to be together again.  Jim and Patrick return for their yearly tradition of running down favorites and highlights from the past twelve months.  In addition, they answer some emails, read many listener contributions/lists, and discuss the future.  They hand out some awards, gifts, and throw paper at one another.  Surprisingly, there isn't nearly as many puns and weird voices this time but since it became a 5-hour recording, they dependably get loopy as the show goes on.  It's a show so big, it had to be split into two parts.

Part One is here!

00:00 - 01:25-  Jim's Favorite Song Of 2017
01:26 - 01:31:05 - #10 - #5 Films Of The Year
01:31:06 - 02:32:21 - #5 - #2 Films Of The Year
02:32:22 - 02:56:15 - Favorite Film Of 2017
02:56:16 - 03:00:36 - Outro / See You At The End Of 2018?


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