Bonus Episode: Alex Ross Perry

A few years back, I had the pleasure of talking with Alex Ross Perry for my then-titled Pop Culture Club podcast. We spoke about QUEEN OF EARTH and the greatness of Elisabeth Moss. For his 6th feature film, he recruits one of our very best actresses working today once again for HER SMELL. It’s the story of a rock star addict played by Elisabeth Moss, who is on the edge of self-destruction. This time a familiar story is beautifully filtered through the lens of a true original who continues to write emotionally powerful films. I’ve been of his work going all the way back to THE COLOR WHEEL, and his latest might be his most accomplished, assured work to date with a powerhouse of a performance at its center. We talked a lot about sound design, the power of certain moments throughout the film, and the experience of writing that can create a feeling of panic and ultimately, catharsis. Plus there’s a bit of an update on what’s going on with me along with a particular cover song at the end that you might enjoy especially after you see HER SMELL.

00:00 - 11:55 - Introduction / Update
11:56 - 36:38 - Interview With Alex Ross Perry
36:39 - 40:50 - ”Heaven (Bryan Adams)” Cover

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