Bonus Episode: Allan Moyle (Part Two)

Instead of the usual rambling intro and outro for this particular episode, I decided to let this conversation exist as is, unedited. It's a follow-up phone call to the great Allan Moyle (PUMP UP THE VOLUME). If you haven't heard Part One of our conversation, I highly encourage you to begin there first since that's how the magic began.  The description from Part One is relisted below so you get the whole story as to why these interviews mean a lot to me. 

Listen to Part One:

Well everyone, after a couple of months of waiting in anticipation, I was able to get a hold of Allan Moyle. "Who?!" you might ask.  Well, he's responsible for films such as TIMES SQUARE, EMPIRE RECORDS, NEW WATERFORD GIRL, and many more. But the film that has a special place in my heart, as listeners should know, is his 1990 teenage rebellion masterpiece PUMP UP THE VOLUME.  At the time of viewing this movie, I wasn't the biggest fan of Christian Slater, my music taste was limited, and I was going through my first experience of severe depression. 

Then my favorite film critic, Nick Digilio of WGN Radio, reviewed PUMP in the summer of 1990. I went to see it, and my life was forever changed. It didn't cure me of depression obviously, but it helped and gave me a renewed sense of hope.  A faith that cinema and art could also transform into a therapeutic, enlightening experience. I felt a connection to the character and to the material for the first time in my life to where I saw myself on-screen and knew I wanted to discover more music and movies to feel that kind of awe and euphoria again.  So for all these reasons, I spend the beginning of our conversation revealing a lot of what I went through to Allan Moyle.  He was taken aback, and the "interview" became more of a friendly conversation about my experiences, his current state of mind, what it was like making PUMP, and a whole lot more. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if there's another conversation on the horizon since we barely scratched the surface behind Allan's incredible career.  This very well may become its own series of talks that I share so stay tuned for another possible follow-up!