Bonus Episode: Jim Turns 41


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Just like last year, my dear friend and fellow podcaster Patrick Ripoll returns for a very special episode of this show. Around the month of May, I ask Patrick to return to a microphone to talk a variety of topics. We play catch up on our lives, talk about our latest projects, and review two movies that we've assigned to one another. The two movies for this year were the Hong Kong late 80s action flick IN THE LINE OF DUTY IV as well as the gorgeous Anime coming-of-age tale, 5 CENTIMETERS PER SECOND.

After the reviews, we launch into our other yearly tradition by playing a game show. If you want to hear last year's version of "Score Bits," it's included in the show notes below as a separate download. For this year, we took a cue from Film Junk's 700th episode and played a round of "Tonal Recall," which includes dialogue excerpts from favorite films of ours in addition to score / soundtrack samples. For our final segment, we program our own separate 12-hour film festivals in honor of the upcoming Chicago Critics Film Festival, which is also discussed here as well. All in all, it was a blast to talk with Patrick like we used to frequently back in the day, so I truly hope you enjoy this blast from the past as we look forward to the future!

00:00 - 29:19 - Introduction / Catching Up
29:20 - 01:20:11 - Movie Review Assignments
01:20:12 - 02:28:27 - Tonal Recall Movie Game
02:28:28 - 02:53:02 - CCFF + Our Film Festivals?
02:53:03 - 02:56:07 - Outro

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