Bonus Episode: What Patrick Watched + Announcements

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Bonus Episode: What Patrick Watched + Announcements!

I sneakily convinced Patrick to appear on a bonus episode by intrusively calling him up in the middle of the night -- in which we do a brief "what we watched" segment and more.  First and foremost, a couple of announcements are in order at the top including Patrick's Horror Show Spectacular for next month which we want YOU to contribute to.  Here is the link for more info:

Of course, I briefly tease about the future of the show including a possible podcast network, a contest to win an Amazon Gift Card, a remastered record, and much more!  But most importantly, it's a joy to hear Patrick's voice again as we mostly talk about the movies he's seen recently including THE INVASION, EDMOND, THE CRAZIES, HANGOVER SQUARE, UNFRIENDED and many other titles.  And I sing the praises of both THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE and the underseen gem from the late 70s CHILLY SCENES OF WINTER.  Thank you so much Patrick for appearing on the show again and to the supportive fans for listening.

Songs Featured:
Wail - Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
Patrick - The Humblebums
Nobody Cares If You Don't Go To The Party - Courtney Barnett

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