Episode 102: George Miller

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Episode 102 - George Miller

One of my dearest friends Collin Souter returns to the show to talk about one of his favorite filmmakers, George Miller.  He's a director that Collin has been singing the praises of since the very beginning, and since his latest and some might say his greatest film has received every accolade in the book, we figured it's a perfect time to discuss his entire filmography.  I have a lot of personal things to say about the brilliance of LORENZO'S OIL while we both feel that BABE: PIG IN THE CITY is right up there with the MAD MAX films. 

00:00 - 04:43 - Introduction
04:44 - 14:29 - Introduction With Collin
14:30 - 15:22 - George Miller Song
15:23 - 36:51 - 1st experience, Mad Max
36:52 - 37:21 -  Road Warrior Score Snippet
37:22 - 01:08:44 - Road Warrior, Twilight Zone, Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome
01:08:45 - 01:33:06 - The Witches Of Eastwick, Lorenzo's Oil
01:33:07 - 01:33:42 - "That'll Do" - Peter Gabriel
01:33:43 - 02:15:45 - Babe, Babe: Pig In The City, Happy Feet, Happy Feet 2
02:15:46 - 02:37:07 - Mad Max: Fury Road
02:37:08 - 02:45:00 - Top 3 George Miller Films / Outro  
(stay til the very end for an amusing little Easter Egg)

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