Episode 105: Atom Egoyan


Hey guys!  Jim here.  Well, I'm nowhere to be found in this episode other than the ad and parody song. I had to take a couple weeks off, so I enlisted the help of two of my favorite previous guests to take the helm for an epic examination of a favorite Canadian filmmaker of theirs.  Bill Ackerman and Al Kwiatkowski took it upon themselves to discuss the entire filmography of one Atom Egoyan, whose two films EXOTICA and THE SWEET HEREAFTER were highly acclaimed in the late 90s and well worth your time.  But what about the films prior to those two as well as his latter work?  Listen in on an incredibly enlightening discussion on a filmmaker you should definitely become more familiar with, if you're not already!   Much gratitude to Bill and Al for their hard work and for their terrific conversation that you won't want to miss.  Once again, this episode is sponsored by Freshbooks, please support the show with a 30-day free trial:  http://gofreshbooks.com/directorsclub

*in case you're one of the earlier downloaders of this episode, you'll notice there was a little gap right around the discussion around Felicia's Journey. thankfully that has since been edited out. apologies for missing it before!

00:00 - 03:02 - Introduction
03:03 - 04:36 - Director Song
04:37 - 01:16:51 - Next Of Kin, Family Viewing, Speaking Parts, Adjuster, Calendar
01:16:52 - 01:39:53 - Exotica
01:39:54 - 01:40:33 - The Sweet Hereafter Score
01:40:34 - 02:16:02 - The Sweet Hereafter, Felicia's Journey, Ararat
02:16:03 - 02:58:33 - Where The Truth Lies, Adoration, Chloe
02:58:34 - 03:17:15 - Devil's Knot, The Captive, Remember
03:17:16 -  03:23:04 - Top 3 Lists / Outro

I will be returning in two weeks to talk M. Night Shyamalan with a brand new guest.  We'll definitely be covering as much as we can, and then in May, two very big episodes indeed will be coming your way.  Please visit http://nowplayingnetwork.net & subscribe to all of the great shows on the network.  Keep those emails coming:  directorsclubpodcast@gmail.com