Episode 106: M. Night Shyamalan

I'm back!  This time I needed a lot of help (and defense) of a director I'm not that high up on.  I certainly don't consider myself an outright detractor, but this is a bit of a departure since most episodes this year so far have been glowingly positive.  I am joined by first-time guest Erix Antoine, a filmmaker and avid fan of genre films, to enlighten each other on the rather divisive M. Night Shyamalan. We cover it all from the good to the bad to the Happening. 

00:00 - 07:45 - Introduction
07:46 - 17:15 - Introduction With Erix
17:16 - 19:04 - Director Song
19:05 - 48:31 - First Experiences, Praying With Anger, Wide Awake
48:32 - 01:34:19 - The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable
01:34:20 - 01:34:39 - Signs Score Snippet
01:34:40 - 02:32:18 - Signs, The Village
02:32:19 - 03:28:24 - Lady In The Water, Happening, Last Airbender, The Visit
03:28:25 - 03:33:29 - Top 3 Lists / Outro

Next month, I will be joined by two very special guests.  For the month of May, I have recruited two individuals who mean a lot to me.  First up is Nick Digilio of WGN Radio, and we're gonna finally have an episode on the much-anticipated and highly celebrated Martin Scorsese.  Then, in late May, co-host and compadre Patrick Ripoll returns to talk about the one and only Spike Lee.  Two of NY's finest in one month!  Also stay tuned for a very special bonus episode in the days to come.  Until next time, send emails to directorsclubpodcast@gmail.com, and be sure to visit http://nowplayingnetwork.net for a variety of terrific pop-culture podcasts from top-notch hosts.  Thanks again so much for all your support!