Episode 108: Spike Lee

Happy Memorial Day!  For the month of May this year, I have had the pleasure of talking about two of my favorite directors with two of my favorite guests.  One of the reasons that this show exist is due to the inclusion of my former co-host Patrick Ripoll.  He returns to talk about a controversial, innovative filmmaker by the name of Spike Lee, whom has in both of our eyes, made three masterpieces which we talk about at length along with the majority of his filmography. Some documentaries aren't included this time around and we had to skip over a couple of titles and rush through a couple towards the end but this is possibly one of the best conversations we've had to date.  Not only do we talk about Lee's remarkable talent, but important issues raised in a lot of his work and how they've affected us personally.  We also briefly talk about Patrick's upcoming podcast towards the end, and during the introduction, I touch upon previous guest Dan Solomon's achievement alongside Jessica Luther in the world of journalism.  This is a must-hear episode all-around!

00:00 - 08:19 - Introduction
08:20 - 11:34 - Introduction with Patrick
11:35 - 13:30 - Director Song
13:31 - 44:41 - First Experience, She's Gotta Have It, School Daze
44:42 - 01:15:44 - Do The Right Thing, Mo' Better Blues, Jungle Fever
01:15:45 - 01:57:16 - Malcolm X, Crooklyn, Clockers
01:57:17 - 01:57:49 - "He Got Game" - Public Enemy (snippet)
01:57:50 - 02:12:40 - Get On The Bus, 4 Little Girls, He Got Game
02:12:41 - 02:51:39 - Summer Of Sam, Bamboozled, 25th Hour
02:51:40 - 03:24:39 - She Hate Me, Inside Man, Passing Strange, OldBoy,
Da Sweet Blood Of Jesus, ChiRaq
03:24:40 - 03:30:11 - Top 5 Spike Lee Films / Outro

For the rest of this month, there may one episode or two depending on coordinating schedules (but there will be a bonus episode coming soon too).  The next official episode records in two weeks with Supporting Characters' host Bill Ackerman as we take a look at the legendary Sam Peckinpah.  Until then, please send us an email at directorsclubpodcast@gmail.com and visit the podcast network over at NowPlayingNetwork.net Thank you so much as always for listening and hope you have a great start to the summer!

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