Episode 111: Agnes Varda

One of my favorite people to talk movies with returns for the 2nd time this year! Film blogger, enthusiast, and friend Kate Blair is back to talk about a true pioneer of the Nouvelle Vague movement, Agnes Varda.  Her self-funded debut, the fiction-documentary hybrid 1956’s LA POINTE COURTE is often considered the unofficial first New Wave film; when she made it, she had no professional cinema training. Varda essentially evolved with each production in exciting and innovative ways that continue to dazzle viewers, including myself - I hadn't seen her work until just one month ago.

I cannot say enough good things about her first few films, and as usual, we weren't able to cover everything due to time constraints and the fact that some titles aren't readily available.  But we'll definitely return to this fascinating filmmaker who really puts herself out there.  We focus on her debut, CLEO FROM 5 TO 7, HAPPINESS, VAGABOND, THE GLEANERS AND I, THE BEACHES OF AGNES, and a couple of short films too.  Hope you enjoy our discussion on a director that you definitely should know more about, so be sure to experience her work for yourself!

00:00 - 04:43 - Introduction
04:44 - 07:24 - Introduction with Kate
07:25 - 08:57 - Director Song (feat. Patrick Ripoll)
08:58 - 40:30 - LA POINTE COURTE, CLEO FROM 5 TO 7
40:31 - 01:13:13 - HAPPINESS, VAGABOND
01:13:14 - 01:53:44 - THE GLEANERS & I, THE BEACHES OF AGNES, (Short Films)
01:53:45 - 02:08:26 - Top 3 Films / Outro

Towards the end of the month, two more episodes are on the docket. One will be on Alex Cox featuring Filip Önell, and shortly thereafter, an episode on James Cameron with Movie Madness host Erik Childress will arrive too!  Lots of good stuff to come throughout the summer, so stay tuned and visit DirectorsClubPodcast.com. Send an email to: directorsclubpodcast@gmail.com.  Leave a review on ITunes and check out the podcast network for a variety of great shows over at NowPlayingNetwork.net