Episode 113: James Cameron

Movie Madness’ very own Erik Childress returns once again for another blockbuster action filmmaker. This time it’s the self-proclaimed perfectionist James Cameron, arguably one of the great innovators behind the science-fiction genre especially when it comes to state-of-the-art special effects.  We pretty much cover his entire career despite not having enthusiasm for where his career has gone most recently.  There is a lot to say especially when it comes to Cameron’s improvement behind each “sequel” with Erik having a fondness for ALIENS and my love of TERMINATOR 2. Throughout the conversation we also discuss the issue of special editions, longer running times, Cameron’s penchant for strong female characters, and how many times we saw TITANIC in the theater. 

00:00 – 11:23 – Intro
11:24 – 13:00 – Director Song
13:01 – 49:31 -  Terminator
49:32 – 01:28:17 - Aliens, The Abyss
01:28:18 – 01:49:00 - Terminator 2, True Lies
01:49:01 – 02:14:21 - Titanic, Avatar
02:14:22 – 02:29:31 - Top 5 / Outro

In about a week, I am excited to completely change things up and talk once again about the art of comedy – this time focusing on the parody genre as well as the career of the comedy team Zucker Abrahams Zucker.  Joining me for that episode will be Sean & Frank of Film Junk, which remains my favorite podcast and one of the reasons this show exists.  Please stay tuned for that and an epic discussion on a classic filmmaker at the end of the month with guest Sergio Mims.  As always, send me an email over at DirectorsClubPodcast@gmail.com, and visit the website:  http://directorsclubpodcast.com

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