Episode 114: Zucker Abrahams Zucker (feat. Sean & Frank of Film Junk)

Two hosts from my favorite movie podcast return for a second appearance!  Sean Dwyer and Frank Knezic from Film Junk are back to have some laughs and deconstruct the art of the parody genre, focusing on the acclaimed trio Zucker Abrahams Zucker.  We talk about the origins of the term “spoof,” revisit and review the three films that ZAZ created together, and talk about other comedies that each of them directed. There’s also a discussion over the recent wave of bad parody films, the legacy of Leslie Nielsen, and many more topics throughout.  How silly can we get?  Find out as we dive head first into the world of comedy. Surely, you’ll enjoy this episode?  Footnote: not sure why my track occasionally skips and my words sound clippy at times, but it's not consistent to where it would ruin the listening experience.    

00:00 – 25:41 - Introduction
25:42 – 26:35 - Director(s) Song
26:36 – 56:14 - Kentucky Fried Movie, Airplane!
56:15 – 01:40:12 - Top Secret, The Naked Gun
01:40:13 – 02:07:49 - Other Comedies We Watched
02:07:50 – 02:12:50 - Top 3 ZAZ Films / Outro

Big thanks to Sean and Frank for coming on the show and be sure to listen to Film Junk if you haven't already!  The next episode will arrive in two weeks, featuring returning guest Sergio Mims as we talk about the work of the legendary Nicholas Ray, director of such classics like Rebel Without a Cause.  In the meantime, send me an email over at directorsclubpodcast@gmail.com, visit the website at http://directorsclubpodcast.com and of course, the NPN network where this show along with many great movie and music podcasts are available: http://nowplayingnetwork.net

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