Episode 115: Nicholas Ray

Nicholas Ray is now one of my top ten favorite filmmakers of all time. I had seen REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE when I was younger, but it wasn’t until recently that I went back to check out about a half a dozen of his films back-to-back. I realized the more that I watched, the more I responded to his work thematically. Joining me once again to talk about this legendary director is returning guest Sergio Mims, one of the smartest critics I know. And boy does he have some stories to share throughout our conversation that made my jaw drop. We go through several titles including THEY LIVE BY NIGHT, IN A LONELY PLACE, ON DANGEROUS GROUND, JOHNNY GUITAR, REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE, and BIGGER THAN LIFE.  Sergio also mentions a couple of other films worth seeking out. Nicholas Ray has lead quite the life, and we dive into a lot regarding the man and his movies, both on-screen and off.  I really think you’ll enjoy this one, even if you’re not familiar with the man’s work. 

00:00 – 05:13 – Introduction
05:14 – 19:14 - Introduction with Sergio
19:15 – 20:04 - Director Song
20:05 – 52:14 - They Live By Night, In A Lonely Place
52:15 – 01:13:19 - On Dangerous Ground, Johnny Guitar
01:13:20 – 01:58:27 - Rebel Without A Cause, Bigger Than Life
01:58:28 – 02:17:23 - Top 3 Films / Outro

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