Episode 116: Roger Corman

Before we begin, let me remind you that you can vote on which director will be covered in late November. Since the beginning of that month, I’ll be covering Peter Bogdanovich, and then in early December, I’m covering William Wyler, I thought it would be a good idea to create a poll of directors with smaller filmographies that we’ve yet to cover on this show. And you can be the deciding factor.  Right now, we have 314 votes, but it would be wonderful to get some more. I’ve decided to extend this poll until the end of the month so you have until Friday, September 30th to cast your vote. Go to:

You can choose between the following directors: Edgar Wright, Rian Johnson, Jonathan Glazer, Andrea Arnold, Andrew Dominik, Richard Kelly, and Asghar Farhadi… all names that I’m excited to talk about in the future, but you can decide who gets picked first come November.  As far this episode, you are in for another treat as we go back to another classic filmmaker and producer that changed the way films are made forever.  On board this time is another great returning guest by the name of Chris Olson of The Pop Culture Lens podcast. It was an immense pleasure to have a fantastic discussion on the true pioneer of independent filmmaking, Mr. Roger Corman. Obviously, it’s hard to see every movie he’s ever been involved with but we do our best to cover such notable titles like A BUCKET OF BLOOD, MASQUE OF THE RED DEATH, LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS, THE PREMATURE BURIAL, THE INTRUDER, FRANKENSTEIN UNBOUND and many many more.  We accidentally skipped over a Ray Milland title that is mentioned briefly towards the end, that Chris considers a favorite as well.  Undoubtedly, there will be a sequel episode on this particular legend at some point in the future.

00:00 – 06:32 – Introduction
06:33 – 18:14 -  Introduction with Chris
18:15 – 19:39 - Director Song
49:13 – 01:20:57 - THE INTRUDER, Poe Adaptations
01:20:58 – 01:57:41 - THE TRIP, FRANKENSTEIN UNBOUND, Films he’s produced
01:57:42 – 02:05:36 - Top 3 Corman Films / Outro

In about two weeks, we return with guests Collin Souter and Al Kwiatkowski for a horror-centric dissection on the great Peter Jackson. We won’t be discussing his epic fantasy triologies due to the October Halloween-themed season, but don’t fret. At some point we’ll revisit those for a sequel episode. Then in late October, closer to Halloween, returning guests Nat Almirall and Robert Reinecke take on the work of Jacques Tournier!  So stay tuned, stay subscribed, tell your friends about the show and visit NowPlayinNetwork.net, DirectorsClubPodcast.com, and send me an email at DirectorsClubPodcast@gmail.com!  Lots of great content to come over at PopCultureClub.net too!  Thanks as always for listening!