Episode 117: Peter Jackson

Two very good friends and former guests join me for a live roundtable discussion on New Zealand director Peter Jackson.  Both Collin Souter and Al Kwiatkowski have contributed to the show many times before, and they're among my favorite people to talk films with.  As most of you know, Peter Jackson wasn't always the award-winning mastermind behind LORD OF THE RINGS, he started out in horror/comedy, long before there was SHAUN OF THE DEAD.  We begin with his debut splatterfest that took him about 3 years to complete. BAD TASTE is what got his foot into the door but I would consider his breakout film to also be the first film of his that I rented at a videostore as a teenager and that would DEAD-ALIVE.  We also touch upon HEAVENLY CREATURES, THE FRIGHTENERS, KING KONG and THE LOVELY BONES. 

In the midst of the conversation you'll find some acclaim and insight about that abovementioned franchise he's mostly known for.  I decided to skip the usual director song parody, simply to take a break from recording one. It will return next time and plus, the conversation here was so lively and engaging with my excellent guests, I wanted to present it seamlessly as is.  Stay tuned for a bonus episode coming very soon featuring a familiar voice, and the content is very appropriate as we get closer to Halloween!

0:00 - 05:54 -  Introduction
01:16:42 - 01:37:06 - (brief) LORD OF THE RINGS, KING KONG
01:37:07 - 02:08:37 - THE LOVELY BONES, His next film?
02:08:38 - 02:13:00 - Top 3 Films / Outro

In about three weeks, you'll hear another spooky episode when more friends and former guests return. Robert Reineke and Nat Almirall joins me for an episode on a dear friend of Val Lewton's by the name of Jacques Tourneur (eventually I will pronounce the last name correctly).  He's not explicitly a horror filmmaker, but an interesting one worth mentioning this time of year. Then in November, Supporting Characters' host Bill Ackerman returns to talk all about the great Peter Bogdanovich!  Until next time, send me an email at: directorsclubpodcast@gmail.com, Visit: http://directorsclubpodcast.com and

Collin's Review of HOUSE OF STRAW: