Episode 125: Sergio Leone


Brad and Al talk about Pre-Leone history of the Westers:  3:13
"The Colossus Of Rhodes"  12:16
"Fistful of Dollars" 16:14
        * Theme from...
"For A Few Dollars More" 33:47
        * Theme from...
        * "The Musical Pocket Watch"
"The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly"  49:38
        * Theme from...
        * "The Story of a Soldier"
        * "The Ecstacy of Gold"
        * "The Trio"
"Once Upon a Time in the West"  1:34:40
        * Theme from.... (Jill's Entrance)
        * "Man With The Harmonica"
        * "Farewell to Cheyenne" (played at our outro)
"Duck, You Sucker!" 2:21:33
        * Theme from...
"Once Upon a Time in America"  2:42:20
        * "Amapola"
Summary: "Is Sergio Leone 'The Guy'?"  3:18:48
        * Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass playing "Tijuana Taxi"