Episode 126: Andrzej Zuławski

15:12 Zulawski's short films for TV: "The Story of Triumphant Love" and "Pavoncello"
19:14 "The Third Part of the Night"
28:34 (The Swans, "The Apostate") "The Devil"
49:12 (The Who, "Love Reign O'er Me") "The Most Important Thing: Love"
1:04:37 (Elvis Costello, "Possesion") "Possession"
1:28:22 (Michael Sambello, "Maniac") "La Femme Publique"
1:43:20 (Shooby Taylor, "Stout Hearted Man") "L'Amour Braque"
1:53:41 (Henryk Gorecki, Symphony 2 "Copernican") "On the Silver Globe"
2:11:19 (Paul McCartney, "Beautiful Night") "My Nights are More Beautiful Than Your Days", "Boris Gudenov", "La Note Bleue", "Szamanka"
2:27:52 (Richard and Linda Thompson, "Walking on a Wire") "Fidelity"
2:35:20 (Kosmos, "Psycho") "Cosmos"
2:43:10 Wrap Up / "The Zulawskian Film" Question

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