Episode 130: Terrence Malick (Part One)

The Director's Club puts our heads together with Peter Richards from the Chicago Film Discussion Group to have an epic discussion about the movies of Terrence Malick.  With three different perspectives, there's a comprehensive and fair look at his movies, here in part 1 dealing with "Badlands" through "A New World".   Whether you adore Malick's films, hate them, or just want to learn more, you'll find something interesting about them through our exploration of his work!

13:37 "Badlands" (Outlaw Road Trip, Kit for President, A Worthy Juxtaposition?, Morality or Boredom?, Irony and Humor from Malick, Fort Innocence, Gleaning for Transcendance, The Things They Carried)

47:27 "Days of Heaven" (Feeling of Historical Memory, Main Theme by Ennio Morricone, Bad Leg of the Romantic Triangle, pure cinema, Welcome Back Casting, the Magic Hour, a Fair Fable?, Narration From Out of Time)

1:17:29 Terrence Malick's Lost and Early Work ("Lanton Mills", "Q", "The Desert Rose", "Sansho the Bailiff")

1:22:07 "The Thin Red Line" (Narration for Adults?, Faith Helps and Hurts, Native Fawning?, Guadacanal To The Stars, Din of War Ecstacy, "Silence" by Hans Zimmer, Chaplin Confusion, Burned Brody, The Three Phases of Malick)

2:06:16 "A New World" (Colin Farrell Conflict, Fair Looks at Naturals and Colonists, Kilcher's Brilliant Depiction of Growth across Age and Culture, Whose New World Is It Anyway?, What's In A Name, "Vorspiel" from Richard Wagner)