Episode 133: Werner Herzog

In this episode of the Director's Club, we take a look at the unrestrainable visions of legendary German director Werner Herzog, following his quest to give audiences a sense of the "ecstatic truth" through his films.  He'll use any tool at his disposal to deliver this truth, from documentary techniques to hypnosis (and if there isn't a tool, he'll make one himself!).  We'll look at how the films span the globe from the Amazon to the Sahara to Wisconsin, and how his Muses of Madness Bruno S. and Klaus K. enhance the journeys we take.  What we can't do is fit all his works in a single episode, so this will cover from his first film "Signs of Life" through his 1987 film "Cobra Verde", and scattered throughout are quotes from the "Soldier of Cinema" himself!

(8:23) "Signs of Life"
(29:21) "Even Dwarfs Started Small"
(40:34) "Fata Morgana"
(52:59) "Land of Silence and Darkness"
(1:11:09) "Aguirre, the Wrath of God"
(1:30:06) "The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser"
(1:48:47) "Heart of Glass"
(2:05:57) "Stroszek"
(2:24:21) "Nosferatu the Vampyre"
(2:40:02) "Woyzeck"
(2:52:39) "Fitzcarraldo"
(3:13:27) "Where the Green Ants Dream"
(3:21:03) "Cobra Verde"