Episode 134: Sofia Coppola


In this episode, the Director's Club looks at the films of Sofia Coppola (a.k.a., "The Good One"), whose movies had a dreamlike feeling of melancholy isolation, level of visual composition, and focus on young womanhood that was evident from the start of her career.  We're joined in our journey through her film work (that takes us from L.A. to Tokyo to Versailles to the Civil War South) by Rebecca Martin, an ultra-promoter of film appreciation in the Chicago area and host of Now Playing Network's "Fresh Perspective."

(10:02) "Lick the Star"
(17:38) "The Virgin Suicides" (Air, "Playground Love")
(39:22) "Lost In Translation" (My Bloody Valentine, "Sometimes")
(1:10:34) "Marie Antoinette" (Bow Wow Wow: "I Want Candy")
(1:25:17) "Somewhere" (The Strokes, "I'll Try Anything Once")
(1:48:17) "The Bling Ring" (M.I.A., "Bad Girls")
(2:12:54) "The Beguiled" ("Lorena", Civil War traditional song)