Episode 135: Bong Joon-Ho


In this episode the Director's Club takes a look at the works of South Korean director Bong Joon-ho, who has made several remarkable movies (often in the same movie!)  Joining us on the journey is Robert Reineke (podcaster of "Still Watching the Skies"), and we had a blast talking about the many zany and fascinating details of his films.

13:18 "Barking Dogs Never Bite"  ("Hey Bulldog")
28:24 "Memories of Murder" ("Run For Your Life")
46:32 "The Host"  ("I'm Only Sleeping")
1:04:40 "Tokyo!"
1:10:45 "Mother"  ("Your Mother Should Know")
1:33:07 "Snowpiercer"  ("Revolution")
1:58:00 "Okja"  ("Piggies")
2:16:08 Summary and Max Bong Moment