Episode 136: Alan Parker


This episode has the Director's Club looking at the films of Alan Parker, whose atmospheric visuals, ability at world-building, affinity to and for music, and brushes with controversy are some of the themes pulsing through a wide range of films in his career.  This led us to an epic conversation which ranged from rampant praise to stupefying anger and to several extended arguments about the value of his work.  We were treated to a return visit from Chicago cinerenaissance man Collin Souter, who not only joined in the conversation from coming back from a U2 show, but provided the DC with some excellent U2 music clips to introduce each film!  Thanks for joining us, Collin!  (Warning:  Contents contain some slight audio issues and Matthew Modine)

9:20  Bugsy Malone ("Miami")
19:26 Midnight Express ("Lemon" (live)
33:59 Fame ("Original of the Species")
48:39 Shoot the Moon ("With Or Without You")
1:09:07 Pink Floyd the Wall ("Mofo")
1:35:04 Birdy ("Walk On")
1:49:31Angel Heart ("If God Will Send His Angels")
2:02:33 Mississippi burning ("Bullet the Blue Sky")
2:24:52 Come See the Paradise ("Refugee")
2:34:59 The Commitments ("Angel of Harlem")
2:49:33 Road To Wellville ("Miracle Drug")
3:04:21 Evita ("The Ground Beneath Her Feet")
3:19:42 Angela's Ashes ("Twilight")
3:32:45 Life of David Gale ("Wake Up, Dead Man")