Episode 137: Orson Welles Part One


In this episode the Director's Club tries to grasp the enormity of the works of Orson Welles.  It's an extended look at the creative audacity that led to so much artistic triumph and career tragedy, and to make sense of it we include a look at his pre-film life and the many cinema endeavors that sadly never made it to the film screen.  In part 1 we look at his start working for the movie studios, from his epic "Citizen Kane" through his take on Shakespeare's "Macbeth".

00:00Intro / Welles' early life on stage, radio and attempted first films
21:15"Citizen Kane" ("The Union Forever", The White Stripes)
57:30"The Magnificent Ambersons" / "It's All True" ("The Village Green Preservation Society", The Kinks)
1:20:10"The Stranger" ("The Stranger", Billy Joel)
1:33:56"The Lady from Shanghai"
1:48:00"MacBeth" ("Miss MacBeth", Elvis Costello)