Episode 138: Orson Welles Part Two


The Director's Club finish our epic look at epic auteur Orson Welles, who managed to continue creating some amazing film moments despite becoming mostly exiled from the Hollywood studio system.  In Part II we look from his takes on Shakespeare with "Othello" and "Chimes At Midnight", through his acidic noir "Touch of Evil", to his 'deconstructumentary' film "F for Fake", and along the way talk about his many unfinished films (one of which may see the light of day yet).  His work proved so inspiring we not only looked to compare them to the efforts of Jacques Tati and Alfred Hitchcock, but had to invent words to describe some characters and even hairstyles in his movies!  Hope we were able to bring across the brazenly enthusiastic creativity to be found in Orson Welles' films!

0:00 Intro ("Independence Day", Bruce Springsteen)
2:23 "Othello" / The 'controversy' about "The Third Man" ("Jealousy", Queen)
26:14 "Mr. Arkadin / Confidential Report" ("Hope for the Best, Expect the Worst", Mel Brooks)
41:52 "Touch of Evil"  ("Framed", The Coasters)
1:04:47  "The Trial" ("Trapped", Jimmy Cliff)
1:23:38  "Chimes at Midnight / Falstaff"  ("Led Astray", Friction)
1:55:44 "The Immortal Story" / Welles' ongoing film projects ("Flesh for Fantasy", Billy Idol)
2:05:57 "F for Fake" ("Lies", The Knickerbockers)
2:20:20 "Filming Othello" / "The Other Side of the Wind"