Episode 139: James Whale


In this episode the Director's Club takes a look at the films of James Whale (with the help of Fresh Perspective's Jeff Broitman).  Whale's innovations in camera movement and special effects, set of quirky character actors in supporting roles, and appreciation of the outsiders in society was put to good use in musicals, war films, and courtroom dramas, but never better than when he was making some of the most iconic horror movies in history!

00:00 Pre-film history, "Journey's End"
11:21 "Waterloo Bridge", ("Under the Bridge", Red Hot Chili Peppers
21:18 "Frankenstein", "Impatient Maiden" ("Frankenstein", The Edgar Winter Group)
48:23 "The Old Dark House", "The Kiss Before the Mirror" ("Our House", Madness)
1:11:40 "The Invisible Man" ("I'm Not There", Bob Dylan)
1:29:38 "One More River" ("Find a River", R.E.M.)
1:39:04 "Bride of Frankenstein" ("Be My Wife", David Bowie)
2:09:09 "Remember Last Night?", "The Road Back" ("Dire Wolf" The Grateful Dead)
2:17:41 "Show Boat", "The Road Back" ("Old Man River", Paul Robeson)