Episode 145: John Ford Part One


In this episode, the Director's Club delves into the Green Valleys, Stagecoaches, and Long Voyages shown in the works of the legendary director John Ford.  With the help of fellow Chicago Film Discussion Group member Peter Richards (who guested on our Terence Malick episode), in Part I of our series we not only look into his classic early films, but lesser-known yet no less fascinating efforts which include silent epics, minimalist treks through the desert, dark foggy nights of the Irish soul, and even comedies starring Will Rogers, and how Ford's genius with a film image and concerns of family, history, and myth flow through them.


16:56  "The Iron Horse"  ("Mystery Train", Elvis Presley)
28:22  "Pilgrimage"  ("Pilgrimage", R.E.M.)
38:39  "The Lost Patrol"  ("Desert Blues", The Allman Brothers Band)
52:35  "Judge Priest"  ("Funky Judge", The J. Geils Band)
1:03:30  "The Informer"  ("God Loves a Drunk", Richard Thompson)
1:20:33  "Stagecoach"  (Theme from "Stagecoach")
1:38:40  "Young Mr. Lincoln"  ("Young Abe Lincoln Make A Tall, Tall Man", Johnny Horton)
1:49:36  "Grapes of Wrath"  ("The Ghost of Tom Joad", Bruce Springsteen)
2:07:50  "The Long Voyage Home"  ("Ship of Fools", Robert Plant)
2:21:50  "How Green was my Valley"  ("Working In a Coal Mine", DEVO)
2:48:37  WW2 wartime shorts / "They Were Expendable"  ("Brothers In Arms", Dire Straits)
3:02:54  "My Darling Clementine"  ("Clementine", The Decembrists)