Episode 146: Béla Tarr

In this episode, the Director's Club takes a trek to Hungary to check out the films of Béla Tarr, whose long shots without cutting, luscious imagery of darkness, deliberate yet poetic camera movements, and stark perspectives of man and nature has sculpted out some of the most unforgettable moments in film.  In addition to trying to describe what makes his films so special, we look at how he developed his style over decades (and with the help of several talented collaborators), and we explore the world of "contemplative cinema" of which Tarr's work is a prominent example.


00:00  Introduction to contemplative cinema and Tarr's early history
19:09  "Family Nest"
25:48  "The Outsider"
36:49  "Prefab People" / "MacBeth"
50:06  "Almanac of Fall" / Tarr's collaborators from here onward
1:08:42  "Damnation"
1:25:36  "Sátántangó"
1:43:16  "Werckmeister Harmonies"
2:07:03  "The Man From London"
2:23:01  "The Turin Horse"