Episode 147: Edgar Wright


We are pleased to welcome back Chicago Film Discussion Group Organizer Peter Richards as we look at the comic and kinetic career of the U.K.’s own Edgar Wright.  Best known for his trilogy of genre parodies with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, he’d also bring some wild innovations to his American offerings, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and Baby Driver.  We’ll discuss them all and decide which ones are worth missing a night at the pub for.


7:52 A Fistful of Fingers / Wright's early TV work ("Fingertips Part 2", Stevie Wonder)
20:56 Shaun of the Dead ("I Walked With a Zombie", Roky Erikson)
30:05 Hot Fuzz ("Police and Thieves", The Clash)
53:41 Scott Pilgrim vs. the World ("Threshold", Sex Bob-omb)
1:17:22 The World’s End / (Did)Ant-Man ("Until the End of the World", U2)
1:41:18 Baby Driver ("Baby Driver", Simon & Garfunkel)