Episode 150: John Ford Part Two

For its 150th episode, the Director's Club takes a Monumental trek through the latter films of John Ford.  With the help of Peter Richards from the Chicago Film Discussion Group, we see how through films like his 'Cavalry Trilogy', "The Sun Shines Bright", "The Searchers" and up to "Cheyenne Autumn", Ford's evolving attitudes about race, the West, and the conflict between individuals and community, between truth, sentiment, and myth, found expression in iconic performances, increasingly thoughtful stories, and in the very landscape of Monument Valley itself!


(5:57) "Fort Apache" ("Apache", The Shadows)
(26:07)  "She Wore a Yellow Ribbon" ("I Don't Need Your Rockin' Chair", George Jones)
(44:12)  "Wagon Master" ("I Am a Pilgrim", The Byrds)
(55:40)  "Rio Grande" ("Goin' Down To Mexico", ZZ Top)
(1:07:26) "A Quiet Man" ("Star of the County Down", Van Morrison)
(1:21:48) "The Sun Shines Bright" ("My Old Kentucky Home", performed by John Prine)
(1:41:30) "Mr. Roberts" ("In The Navy", The Village People)
(1:54:09) "The Searchers" ("Searchin'", The Coasters)
(2:21:18) "The Last Hurrah" ("The Final Countdown", Europe)
(2:39:14) "Sergeant Rutledge" ("I Stand Accused", Elvis Costello)
(2:50:53) "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance" ("Democracy", Leonard Cohen)
(3:13:41) "Cheyenne Autumn" ("Exodus", Bob Marley)