Episode 151: David Twohy


In this episode, the Director's Club encounters environments from the dephts of the ocean up to the stars as we explore the work of screenwriter, filmmaker, and Riddick Chronicler David Twohy!  Helping immensely in our quest is Paul Freitag-Fey, a writer for Daily Grindhouse who showcases underseen films in Chicago at the Comfort Station and streaming hidden gems at http://watchthisthing.net . With him joining in on the journey, we not only point out how Twohy puts inspired twists on genre conventions and has running themes about identity and shifting responsibilities and perspective, but bring up a wealth of other fascinating under-recognized films to check out!

(6:44) "Grand Tour: Disaster in Time" ("Für Elise", Ludwig van Beethoven)
(25:59) "The Arrival"  ("Here Come the Bas tards", Primus)
(46:10) "Pitch Black" ("The Sound of Silence", Simon & Garfunkel)
(1:10:20) "Below" ("Sing Sing Sing!", Benny Goodman)
(1:32:44) "The Chronicles of Riddick" ("Complicated", Avril Lavigne)
(1:50:19) "A Perfect Getaway" ("Many Tentacles Pimpin on the Keys (Escape!)", Lo Fidelity Allstars
(2:08:45) "Riddick" ("Lawless Lands", The Sword)
(2:30:43) Other recommended hidden gems and directors