Episode 152: Robert Altman Redux Part 1


Once in a while a director comes along with such an original and distinctive vision that you can return to his work again and again and continue to discover new depths. Robert Altman is such a director and has inspired us to release our first Director's Club Redux episode. In Part 1, we cover the maverick director's breakout blockbuster M*A*S*H, all the way to his not so blockbuster take on Popeye. In between, we look at his deconstructions of Westerns (McCabe & Mrs. Miller), noirs (The Long Goodbye) and musicals (Nashville), all the way to such uncategorizable gems as 3 Women. We are pleased to welcome back Bill Ackerman, host of the Now Playing Network's Supporting Characters + From The Neighborhood as our guest for this episode.


(00:00)  Robert Altman's themes, motifs, early TV and film work / "Countdown" / "That Cold Day In The Park"
(18:07)  "M*A*S*H"
(39:32)  "Brewster McCloud"  ("Lift Ev'ry Voice & Sing", Merry Clayton)
(54:14)  "McCabe & Mrs. Miller"  ("The Stranger Song", Leonard Cohen)
(1:16:03)  "Images"
(1:28:13)  "The Long Goodbye"
(1:46:15)  "Thieves Like Us"
(1:59:35)  "California Split"
(2:16:58)  "Nashville" / "Buffalo Bill & the Indians"
(3:08:04)  "3 Women" / "A Wedding"
(3:33:10)  "Quintet" / "A Perfect Couple" / "HealtH"
(3:40:38)  "Popeye"