Episode 153: Preston Sturges


Writer-director Preston Sturges had one of the most incandescent runs of creativity in Hollywood History, making eight remarkable films from 1940 to 1944.  In this episode of the Director's Club, we're joined by Jeff Broitman of Fresh Perspective as we take a look at the unique way Sturges could combine screwball visual antics, waterfalls of breathless dialogue, and a continuous sense of comedic innovation, while capturing the absurdity behind the rises and falls of his characters' fortunes.


(8:21) "The Great McGinty" ("I Wanna Be A Politician", The Byrds)
(28:48) "Christmas In July" ("My Lucky Day", Bruce Springsteen)
(38:14) "The Lady Eve" ("Garden of Eden", Guns N' Roses)
(54:33) "Sullivan's Travels" ("Sometimes a Fantasy", Billy Joel)
(1:21:15) "The Palm Beach Story" ("Love or Confusion", Jimi Hendrix)
(1:39:53) "The Miracle of Morgan's Creek" ("Papa Don't Preach", Madonna as interpreted through Weird Al Yankovic)
(1:59:37) "Hail the Conquering Hero" (Holding Out for a Hero", Bonnie Tyler)
(2:10:45)  "The Great Moment" ("Unfinished Sweet", Alice Cooper)
(2:23:47) "The Sin of Harold Diddlebock" ("So, The Circus is Back in Town", The Cato Salsa Experience)
(2:34:31) "Unfaithfully Yours" ("Suspicious Minds", Elvis Presley)