Episode 154: John Sayles


In this episode, the Director's Club takes a journey through the many amazing works of legendary independent filmmaker John Sayles.  Joined sporadically by Now Playing Network uber-guru (and Director's Club founder!) Jim Laczkowski, we explore a career filled with complex characters and stories illuminating many kinds of cultures, communities, and social concerns, all while providing a level of quality, honesty, and deep humanism to films ranging from science fiction to children's fable to sports movie, to maybe the ultimate Western mystery about the country's borders and its pasts.


(11:06) "Return of the Secaucus Seven" ("Reelin In the Years", Steely Dan)
(27:58) "Lianna" ("Be Yourself", Audioslave)
(43:52) "Baby, It's You" / Bruce Springsteen videos ("If I Was Frank Sinatra", Soulvitamins)
(58:36) "Brother From Another Planet" ("Starman", David Bowie)
(1:10:15) "Matewan" ("Fire In the Hole", Hazel Dickens)
(1:31:30) "Eight Men Out"("Born to Lose", Johnny Thunders)
(1:47:39) "City of Hope" ("Progress", Bad Religion)
(2:04:27) "Passion Fish" ("Don't Give Up", Peter Gabriel w/ Kate Bush)
(2:15:59) "The Secret of Roan Inish" ("On an Island", David Gilmour)
(2:28:41) "Lone Star" / "Men With Guns" ("I Shot the Sheriff", Eric Clapton)
(3:05:31) "Limbo" / Brief looks from "Sunshine State" through "Go For Sisters" ("Limbo", Brian Ferry)