Episode 155: Werner Herzog Part 2


In this episode of the Director's Club, we try to keep pace with the second half of the career of Werner Herzog.  It's a journey that moves from examinations of social issues we deal with today to artistry from the dawn of man (presented in 3D, no less!), from the Alaskan wilderness to the hearts of volcanoes to the southernmost part of the Earth itself, and leapfrogs several times over the borders of documentary and fiction film-making.


(8:30) "Lessons of Darkness"
(21:06) "Little Dieter Needs to Fly"
(35:26) "My Best Fiend"
(48:31) "Grizzly Man"
(1:17:05) "Rescue Dawn"
(1:30:24) "Encounters at the End of the World"
(1:46:02) "Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call: New Orleans"
(2:00:15) "Cave of Forgotten Dreams"
(2:10:44) "Into the Abyss"
(2:24:24) "Salt and Fire"
(2:38:06) "Into the Inferno"