Episode 156: John Frankenheimer


In this episode we feature one of the first great directors to get his start in early television and the helmer of such classics as "The Manchurian Candidate" and "Seconds", John Frankenheimer. Frankenheimer had an amazing run of films in the sixties that also included "Birdman of Alcatraz" and "Seven Days in May". We talk about how his go-for-broke kinetic style not only took these films to the next level, but lead even his more questionable later films to make for a fascinating discussion. So enjoy the wild journey (including trips by train and blimp) and watch out for birds, bears, beast-men, and Burt Lancaster.


[0:00] Early TV work: "The Comedian", "Days of Wine and Roses"
[10:01] "The Young Savages" ("Youth Gone Wild", Skid Row)
[21:03] "Birdman of Alcartraz" ("Blackbird", The Beatles)
[33:58] "The Machurian Candidate" ("Solitaire", Laura Branigan)
[56:40] "Seven Days in May" ("Generals and Majors", XTC)
[1:11:35] "The Train" ("Train Kept a Rollin'", The Yardbirds)
[1:29:42] "Seconds" ("Seconds", U2)
[1:54:03] LIGHTNING ROUND: "Grand Prix", "The Extraordinary Seamen", "The
Iceman Cometh", "99 & 44/100% Dead" ("I am Lightning", Roger Daltrey)
[2:09:00] "The French Connection 2" ("Heroin", The Velvet Underground)
[2:20:32] "Black Sunday" (from John Williams' score from the film)
[2:33:16] "Prophecy" ("Let Me Be Your Teddy Bear", Elvis Presley)
[2:40:42] "52 Pick-Up" ("Don't Get Mad, Get Even", Aerosmith)
[2:50:37] "The Island of Dr. Moreau", ("I Am an Animal", Pete Townshend)
[3:06:07] "Ronin" ("Master of Puppets", Metallica)