Episode 158: Francis Ford Coppola


In this episode, the Director's Club takes the cannoli and runs with it as we look at the films of Francis Ford Coppola. With Uberfounder of the Director's Club (and Now Playing Network head) Jim Laczkowski, in Part I we dive into his four masterpiece films, and explore where in his early history was hints of such an amazing run of movies. Come eavesdrop on our conversation about the "Godfather" films, "Apocalypse Now", and, er, "The Conversation"!


(8:46) "Dementia 13" ("Psychotic Reaction", The Count Five)
(15:28) "The Rain People" / "Patton" ("Runaway", Del Shannon)
(28:47) "The Godfather" ("Godfather Theme", Nino Rota as played by Slash)
(1:07:59) "The Conversation" ("Listening In", The Undertones)
(1:31:33) "The Godfather Part II" ("Family Affair", Sly and the Family Stone)
(1:57:40) "Apocalypse Now" ("The End", The Doors)